Use your GoPro™, to film your games just like on TV. No camera operator – no shaky videos from a phone. Click record, we’ll take care of the rest.

Your Video Before & After Pixellot

Automated Ball Tracking

You press record, enjoy the game and our AI will track the full game, acting as your digital production team.

Games Ready in Hours

Connect & upload your recordings after the game, our robots will auto-produce your game film within 4 hours.

Small Fields & Indoor Courts

Use your own GoPro camera to capture baseball & softball using our next-level software

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Just put it on a tripod and enjoy the game


1. Record Your Game

When recording at the ballpark, use your GoPro app to see the field of play and ensure you set up behind home plate, extending your tripod 8-10′ tall.


2. Upload Game Recordings

Install the Pixellot Uploader tool, upload your recording and our AI edits, tracks and formats your uploaded videos within 4hrs.


3. Watch, Share & Analyze

Games are fully edited by Pixellot & ready to be watched, shared & analyzed within hours.

Start a Free 30-Day Trial and Start Uploading Games Tonight! 


Mobile App for Viewing & Sharing

Two Platforms Built into One

When you upload your GoPro™ video’s to Pixellot, it connects to a full web, mobile and coaching analysis platform. With features for both parents, players & coaches!


Pro Level Coach & Review Tools

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