Setup, Press Record. You’re Done!

Our AI powered camera systems are your virtual camera operator. All you have to do is hit record and enjoying the game from the sideline or stands.

A Full Video Production Team Built into One Software

Our action camera paired with Pixellot’s AI creates your virtual camera man.

  • A.I software auto-produces and edits your game film
  • Player Number recognition
  • On-screen scoreboards

Our A.I software edits all your video content creating full game film and highlight reels.

  • Full games are published to the You mobile app & custom website
  • Creates a 5 minute video from your team’s highlights
  • Easily share games with out of town families

A.I software that automatically edits and cuts team highlights

  • Instant highlights from every game & every player
  • Our tracking software identifies player numbers
  • Players can create and share their own highlight reels

A totally new viewing experience for your team, families and fans.

  • Invite your team to watch full games or highlight clips
  • Share your custom webpage for quick access for extended family & fans
  • Share games & highlights to social media—maybe you’ll go viral

Utilize video to enhance team & individual player performance

  • Host film sessions with your team to enhance their play
  • Record your tournament games and come better prepared for the re-match
  • Clip and tag game film to pull exact moments you want to show your team


Available for Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball & Ice Hockey



Available for Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball & Softball


Recorded & Uploaded Games to the You App


Pixellot You Mobile App

  • Uploaded games are instantly available
  • Cut game clips, tag players and create highlights
  • Invite team members and their family

If your team uses Pixellot You, find the app in your mobile phones app store

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