Your Team. On Screen.

Save time and streamline how you record, organize, share, watch and analyze sports video content.

Sports Video for Every Level of Play

Bring Video to the Whole Organization

  • Organize video content for all of your teams
  • Create easy ways to share video content amongst families & members
  • Give coaches the ability to learn & enhance performance

Enhance Your Coaching & Team Performance

  • In-depth analysis helps you become a smarter coach
  • Provide your players with a learning tool to enhance their own performances
  • Get full game breakdowns from VidSwap or manual event tagging within the You app

Start Sharing Your Sports Life

  • The easiest way to organize video of every All-Star in the family
  • Send game footage to family and friends from anywhere
  • Help teach & review gameplay your kids after the game

Start Performing Like the Pros

  • Review your own game film to enhance your own level of play
  • Clip, download and share your biggest moments on social media
  • Organize all your own highlights to share with recruiters

How Automated Sports Video Works

Step 1

Set Up & Record

The camera doesn't move and captures the full game, from start to finish.

Step 2

AI Records & Tracks

Our world class ball tracking AI acts as the camera operator, so you don't worry about a thing


Step 3

Upload, Watch & Share

Simply upload your game and we edit your recordings for you. Games are produced in 4hrs and instantly avaialable in the You mobile app or custom webviewer.

Step 4

Analyze like the Pros

Take your team to the next level with advanced analysis, analytics and breakdowns from VidSwap

Book a sales call with our team. We'll show you the magic of Pixellot.

Now Available

Pixellot Air


*Supply is limited, so act fast and accounts require Pixellot subscription

The Ultimate Bundle

Pixellot Action


*Pixellot You subscription not included.

Portable, Powerful & Affordable AI Camera Options.

Pixellot Air Camera

Pixellot Air

Capture Large Outdoor Fields & Indoor Rinks


Pixellot Action Bundle

Capture Small Indoor Courts & Fields

Use Your Own Camera

Now Compatible with GoPro 7, 8 & 9 Includes a Free 30-Day Trial

Available Sports

*Requires Pixellot You subscription

Record, Organize & Share Every Moment

Capture Incredible Moments on the Pitch

  • The Pixellot Air was designed to capture the full width of any outdoor field
  • Get a free account to Pixellot's coaching analysis tool, VidSwap
  • Upload games directly from the Pixellot Control app

Taking Basketball to the Next Level.

  • AI automatically create full player highlights
  • Manually tag every shot, assist, steal and turnover and share breakdowns with your team
  • Free access to VidSwap shot charts to & the Pixellot You mobile & webviewer

Follow the Puck Up & Down the Ice

  • Utilize the Pixellot Air to capture the full width of any rink
  • Record games & instantly upload to a the You Mobile App
  • Players can create and share their own highlight reels

Capture Every Serve Set & Spike

  • Record using the Pixellot Action
  • Share your custom webpage for quick access for extended family & fans
  • Easily stop and roll back the tape with simple viewing features

Capture Weekend Glory

Coaching and analysis is taken to the next level with a free VidSwap account.

  • Set up against the backstop
  • Available with the Pixellot Action
  • Upload film and automatically create short highlight reel of the game

Easily Share & Watch Every Game

Fully-integrated Team App

All uploaded content is synched to a private, free, team viewing app.

Auto Highlight Creation

Our AI edits and creates automatic player highlights for basketball & hockey.

Download Content

Directly download any game, clip or highlight.

Organize Content

Every event is labeled by date & opponent, full games or clips.

Share with Anyone

Share the video clip directly to Facebook, Instagram, email or text.

Invite the Team

Inivite your whole team to the app, assign admins to manage content.

Manage Multiple Teams

For club subscriptions you can swipe across all of your team apps and video content.

Tag Every Play

Tag the full game, breaking down every key statistical event and share it for review.

Create Recruiting Albums

Personal albums allow you to store your best moments for recruiters or development.

Connected Analytic Tools for Coaches

Breakdown Everything

Gain key understandings on who you are scouting and your team performance using video, analytics, and visualizations

VidSwap Synched with YOU

Video you capture from Pixellot Air or Pixellot Action is synched to your own VidSwap account

We Do All the Work

Save hundreds of hours a season. Focus on coaching and let us breakdown the games for you. 

Tested by Pros, Built for Youth Sports

“Our kids get so excited when they know a game has been uploaded. They spend hours going over the tape watching plays and creating their own highlights.”
John Marynowski

Head Coach, West Seneca Hockey

“I highly recommend Pixellot You for both the ease of use and the quality of product. In addition, the support team is highly responsive and works hard to provide the best user experience possible.”
Brian Doherty

Director, Chelmsford Youth Basketball League

“Love this product! I’ve been testing it with my son’s youth basketball team this season and it is fantastic. Coaches can watch replays, parents can share with family and boys love the highlights.”

Coach Fox

Coach, Granville Rec Basketball

“in a perfect world, people would be able to come to every game, but we don’t live in that world and people have to pick and choose. This technology allows us to provide this resource to them”
Dr. Steven Craft

Fulton County Athletic Director

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