Not Your Average Action Camera

Stop recording games from your old action camera or mobile phone and start capturing moments with the Pixellot Action.

Record Your Games & We Make Magic

This game was filmed using the wide-angle Pixellot Action, placed at mid-court. There’s no camera operator, but notice how the camera follows the player and action? That’s the magic of AI.

Automated Ball Tracking

You press record, enjoy the game and our AI will track the full game, acting as your digital production team.

Games Ready in Hours

Connect & upload your recordings after the game, our robots will auto-produce your game film within 4 hours.

Small Fields & Indoor Courts

The Pixellot Action is our portable solution to capture basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, baseball & softball

Portable & Affordable

The Pixellot Action Camera System $395*

Available Sports

*Pixellot Action requires Pixellot You subscription

Setup, Connect & Press Record

It’s that easy. Set up your camera to capture the full field, connect to the SJ Controller app and hit record. Once the game’s over, stop recording, break everything down and bring it home to upload and share with your team!

Let us show you how you can save time, organize & easily share video content this season.

Mobile App to Control the Action


Pixellot Action App

  • Synchs camera to our AI production settings
  • Record, pause & stop filming directly from your phone
  • Position the court or field before recording

Want More Info? Contact Us!

Send us some details about your team and we'll share some documentation you can hand out to your admins, coaches or team members.