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    Equipment & Preparations

    If you have purchased the Pixellot Action starter kit, you should have a versatile mounting mast/tripod, that should cover your needs in most situations.

    Watch our assembly guide for instructions and clarifications on using your starter kit mounting gear.

    Alternatively, you can use any other relevant mounting gear. The adequate gear depends mainly on your venue type. For ideal recording, you need to:

    • Place the camera in a high enough place above the player’s height
    • Be at a distance that will enable to capture the whole court

    Guidelines for choosing the right mounting gear:

    • If your venue has a Gallery/Bleaches/elevated seating area, you can use a short mast, tripod, or friction arm.
    • If you are mounting the camera close to the court’s line, or at the field level, use a stand/mast that can get up to at least 10 feet.

    In some cases you can mount on a distant fence, a friction arm may be an ideal choice

    Verify that the battery pack is charged/turned on and Check/replace the cable.

    Sometimes the data cable does not charge the camera.

    Sometimes the data cable gets the camera confused as if it is connected to a PC.

    When recording, the camera must stay in one position the whole game and have enough battery to last a full game, or more, depending on if your at a tournament.

    We suggest the following equipment.

    Links to Recommended Equipment


    Tall / Heavy Duty Tripod

    Friction Grip Arm: for versatile placement on fences, poles, chairs etc 

    External Battery Pack

    SD Cards

    For GoPro cameras, you will also need an SD USB reader, like:

    In general you need the following components

    • Wide angle, 4K action cam
    • Storage card for your cam, usually microSD
    • Mounting gear suitable for your venue
    • Battery pack, to support a few hours of recording time

    Make sure that you have placed the correct adapter on the camera. Also see that you correctly placed the adapter on the battery pack.

    With GoPro hero 7 or GoPro hero 8, best to remove the internal battery from the camera when using an external power source.

    This will also help the camera to less heat up.

    Some tripods have a mounting platform that needs to be disconnected from the tripod, by pulling a dedicated lever.


    Yes, you can move. The mobile app can disconnect and connect to the camera as needed, and that does not affect the camera’s recording activities. If the camera is currently recording, it will continue to record even if the mobile device moved away from the camera, and/or the mobile camera’s app got disconnected.

    You should place the camera as follows:

    • As close as possible to the mid-line
    • Beyond the head height of the players
    • As close as possible where the cam sees the whole court, preferably all 4 corners
    • A safe place that will not disturb or be a hazard to others, and will not get hit
    • Avoid setting the camera in a place that it will have direct light/sunlight that may disturb/blind the camera’s view

    The action cam needs to be fixed during recording and does not move. The automatic tracking of the ball is done by the Pixellot software, on the uploaded game video.

    Some cameras, like the Yi 4K camera, have a recording file size setting, which may affect the maximum concurrent recording time. For the Yi 4K camera, make sure in settings, that the file size is set to 4GB (and not set to MAX)

    The camera remains fixed during recording and records the panoramic view of the game. Once you finished recording, you will then upload the game to the Pixellot You cloud platform, that with its A.I, software, will generate the automatic production & highlights videos.

    This could be because something is blocking a clear view of the lens.

    • Remove any protective film from the camera lens
    • Clean camera lens with a suitable cleaning cloth

    Record a short video to verify that the issue is resolved.

    Yes, but do not move the camera for a specific game. Do the start/stop recording from the camera’s control app.

    Motion blur can be dramatically reduced, by optimizing the Shutter/Exposure settings of your action camera. Specifically for GoPro, refer to the camera setting section of the setup & record guide.

    Yes, this is normal. Some cameras turn off the screen, during recording, to save power. The camera is till recording normally. To view the camera’s status in these cases, best to use the camera’s mobile app.

    A few optional solutions to explore:

    • You might need to get near the camera, so the mobile device can connect to the camera’s hotspot WiFi network. In some cases, you may need to disconnect from the current WiFi connection, so the mobile device will connect to the camera
    • Camera may be turned off – check if it is on by viewing the camera’s status LED (if the camera has turned off, it might be because its battery is low)
    • If you recently updated the OS of your mobile device, you may need to update the camera’s mobile app. In some cases, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the camera’s mobile app
    • You may need to enter your device WiFi settings, forget the camera’s hotspot network, and re-connect to the Camera’s network

    Specifically for Yi mobile app and iOS 13:

    • Follow the instruction in this video for setting it up
    • After installing the app, make sure to trust the Yi vendor, in the General -> Profiles settings
    • Make sure to grant Location Services to the app (prompted on first trial to connect to the camera)

    Use the cam mobile app to monitor recording, battery, left recording time. verify that the cam sees the court correctly and was not moved.

    • Try to tilt the cam a bit / change angle, where you still see the court. Manually change the exposure settings of the cam to a bit darker. Consider a different mounting location.
    • Make sure that your camera’s video setting is set correctly for your region – NTSC (30FPS) for US, PAL (25FPS) for Europe.

    For this, you will need to enhance your remote control of the camera, by using the camera’s mobile app. Install the cam mobile app (prepare at home), and use it for live view & recording.

    You do not need a WiFi Internet connection to record, however, the communication between the camera and the camera’s mobile app is done via WiFi. For this you need to have WiFi enabled on your mobile device that has the Camera’s app installed, and WiFi should be enabled in the camera (usually this is the default).

    Video Uploading

    You need to use Pixellot Uploader desktop app, with your PC or MAC. Log into your account and click the “uploader” tab to download for Mac or PC. For more details visit the Getting Started Video Guides and choose the “uploading” section.

    Mac users, please be advised on current known issue. This is addressed in the “Uploader wont fully install on mac computer”.

    It is located in the downloads folder, per your browser configuration. If the file size is “zero”, something went wrong with the download, so download it again. After installation, the Pixellot You Uploader icon is located on the desktop or applications menu/folder.

    Verify your internet connection via opening a browser page. Wait at least half an our, and re-check if the problem persists. If still no progress, and internet connection is available, close the Pixellot Uploader, re-open and retry to upload.

    There may be several reasons for this:

    • The camera is turned off –> turn camera on
    • A problem with the camera’s USB data cable –> try to use another cable
    • Camera’s storage card (like MicroSD) is not in the camera –> insert the memory card to the camera

    Check that you have an internet connection by opening a browser. Check if your computer may have entered a sleep mode.

    As long as the internet connection is re-established within 45 minutes, the uploading process will resume automatically, beyond 45 minutes of the internet being down, you will need to re-start the uploading app.

    You do not need a WiFi Internet connection to record, however, the communication between the camera and the camera’s mobile app is done via WiFi. For this you need to have WiFi enabled on your mobile device that has the Camera’s app installed, and WiFi should be enabled in the camera (usually this is the default).

    Make sure of the following:

    • You signed-up to Pixellot You and have your account credentials with you
    • Have internet access from your PC/MAC
    • You used your correct You credentials, if needed, use the reset password option
    • If you have received a notification that your subscription package run out, log-in to your account at www.you.pixellot.tv and manage your subscription

    Viewing & Sharing

    Enter the You Mobile app. Then press the “hamburger menu” on the top right and select “MY TEAMS”. You can now use the “ADD MEMBERS” button to share a link with others to join you team.

    You can share videos in two main ways:

    • From the app – go to the specific video of your game, highlights, clips, and use the share option in the function menu. This will generate a link that you can then send to share your video.
    • From the web player, you can also use the share function and share the video
    • You can also forward a video link you received to others, and they will be able to view it on the web

    Yes, open the video link you received in a browser, and it will open a web view of the video.

    Download the Pixellot You Mobile app, and install it on your mobile device, open the mobile app, select the game you want to create a clip for, view the game in full screen by tilting the screen, and clip using the “scissors” icon.