If you have purchased the Pixellot Action starter kit, you should have a versatile mounting mast/tripod, that should cover your needs in most situations.

Watch our assembly guide for instructions and clarifications on using your starter kit mounting gear.

Alternatively, you can use any other relevant mounting gear. The adequate gear depends mainly on your venue type. For ideal recording, you need to:

  • Place the camera in a high enough place above the player’s height
  • Be at a distance that will enable to capture the whole court

Guidelines for choosing the right mounting gear:

  • If your venue has a Gallery/Bleaches/elevated seating area, you can use a short mast, tripod, or friction arm.
  • If you are mounting the camera close to the court’s line, or at the field level, use a stand/mast that can get up to at least 10 feet.

In some cases you can mount on a distant fence, a friction arm may be an ideal choice

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