Record Every Softball & Baseball Game

Save time recording, organizing, sharing and analyzing your team or athlete’s softball & baseball game moments.

Bring Your Baseball & Softball Games on Screen


Portable and Easy Setup

With recordings from every game, you can review even more game film.


Full Game Highlight 

Our AI tracking software picks up every hit and every play, editing your recordings with a shortened version of all your highlights.


Manual Clips & Highlights

Coaches, players and parents can cut clips, save them to a personal album and share them with friends, family or recruiters. 

Turn Your Boring Videos Into a Fully Tracked Viewer Experience

Use Your Own Camera

Compatible with GoPro 7, 8, 9 & 10 Includes a Free 30-Day Trial

Available Sports

*Requires Pixellot You subscription

Connected Analytic Tools for Coaches

Breakdown Everything

Gain key understandings on who you are scouting and your team performance using video, analytics, and visualizations.

VidSwap Synched with YOU

Video you capture from Pixellot Air or your own GoPro is synched to your own VidSwap account.

We Do All the Work

Save hundreds of hours a season. Focus on coaching and let us breakdown the games for you.

Book a sales call with our team. We’ll show you the magic of Pixellot.

Instantly Share Uploaded Games

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